Education Philosopher - Influencer - Catalyst

"The effectiveness of school board governance is the single most important determinant of school district success or failure."
- Rod Paige, former U. S. Secretary of Education

Ken Odom is a book author, award winning public speaker, blogger, and sitting school board member
Tomball, TX.  

Ken's passion is helping local school board members to find their voices in the important discussions about education and education reform.  Ken believes that school boards are called to be stewards of Education (big E), not protectors of public education (little e).  Such a calling requires visionary, passionate, and engaged leadership.

The revolutionary idea of a publicly funded education governed by locally elected volunteers is the subject of numerous reform and improvement efforts. One party is strangely silent in conversations about these efforts - the locally elected volunteers who are supposed to be leading. School board members can find their voices by asking ten simple questions.

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